4 Questions To Ask When Contemplating Change

As we welcome a new year, many of us will go through change – whether voluntary or not. Whether consciously or unconsciously.

Looking back, not much is what it used to be. Through the course of time I’ve changed (mostly for the better). The person I am today, does not resemble the girl I used to be. Everyday we learn and evolve, even just a tiny bit. In the now, we don’t always witness these changes but they are there. And time reveals them to us through its course.

“We change through our experiences.”

Change is inevitable, this we know. We go through the course of change throughout our entire lives. Change of appearance, opinions, thoughts, habits, routines, attitude and so on. You get the drift?! Change comes in many forms and in various time. It’s fair to say, change teaches us the course of time.

Change leads us to new beginnings. Closing an old chapter, inviting us on to the next one. Change can happen beyond our own awareness. Altering something about ourselves is not taken lightly for most of us. To become different when what we know feels comfortable can be battle. The saying; “Old habits are hard to break” comes to mind.

I’ve embarked in many big and small changes. I love change and I embrace it. But whenever contemplating change, it’s a matter I think long and hard before taking action.

Ask yourself…

  1. What needs to change? Break it down in details. Awareness is key; acknowledge and accept the matter/issue in hand.
  1. What’s at stake? Ask yourself, If you don’t change what will happen? What will you gain or worse, lose?
  1. Are you changing for your own good being or someone else’s?
  1. What will it take? Perhaps you need a plan, set of goals or prepare for hard work? Figure out and explore the journey a head.

Good luck!



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