Seven Signs That It’s A New Year

NewYear Signs (1)Most people know the signs of Christmas. I mean, the signs are constantly right in front of you in the month or months leading to the main event. I’m a big fan of Christmas but welcoming a new year has its charm and a hopeful energi. It also promotes change and a positive atmosphere for the year ahead.

As a fan of ‘New Year’ and what it represents, I cannot help but notice the signs and behaviors that characterizes the beginning of a new year…

– First and foremost, I find myself (and others) writing the wrong year when writing the date. And I’m sure it will probably go on for a while, for habits are sometimes hard to overcome immediately.

– Optimistic atmosphere and hope for the year ahead. We all wish one another and of course ourselves a good year. And for some a hope for a better year.

– The mood is more mellow compared to the Christmas atmosphere and cheerful spirit. I guess, back to seriousness for some. One can feel the stillness after all the cheers but not all miserable. Only street lights brightens our mornings here as the Christmas lights find the way back to where they are hidden until next time.

– New year resolutions! There’s no new year without resolutions. A perfect time when the list of change gets crammed up. All in the idea to improve ourselves – 2.0 style. We overwhelm ourselves with all sorts of goals, plans and lists as if we don’t have enough on our plates. *Guilty*

However, I’ve learned, it only took failing numerous of time to learn the secret – namely, making realistic goals and of course a fewer things on my list.

– When the a new year makes an entrance many have the urge to change certain aspect about their lives, appearance and/or habits. I cannot leave out the number one resolution of all resolutions – the healthy kind. The attack of the weights and calories. A time when people’s grocery carts shifts color; to every shades of green and delicious lighter colors. Just the other day at the grocery store, I couldn’t help noticing how cautious we become in January. It’s like guilt, motivation and common sense rushes over us in amid of new year. We are suddenly consumed with eating healthy and exercising more. But of course, all is well until realism quicks in. Speaking from experience!

This brings to my next sign or annoyance for some…

– Packed gyms! January, February and the month of March seems to be lucrative months for gym owners – attracting new members.

– Sale, sale sale! Why not spend more money? Like we didn’t spend enough in the month of December. Bombarded with commercials – apparently everything is on sale and one should “seize the deal”. To bad I hate shopping! (that’s right, not all women enjoy shopping).

Either signs and rambling thoughts about the new year, I’m still grateful for another year.

It provides an opportunity to reflect on past, present and future times. Although I contemplate life at every chance I get, it’s at the beginning one is truly reminded about the journey called life and the passing of time – inevitably, it all runs its course. And New Year it’s proof of that!

Happy Wednesday, fellow bloggers, readers and followers!

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