A Time To Rejoice


A Time To Rejoice (1)

My favorite holiday has arrived! It’s christmas time! ‘…the most wonderful time of the year.’ A magical time filled with bright lights, joy, coziness and love. A time when we reminisce past days, moments and memories. A time when hope, faith and fairytales seem to be prominent in our hearts. And a time when when giving comes easily as being a part of the christmas spirit.

A time to rejoice and create memories.

It would seem that once a year I’m asked what I want or wish for – prior to the preparation of christmas. This to me translates in the sense of what materialistic item/thing I wish to bring/have in my home. Answering ‘nothing’ or ‘I’m not sure’ raises more questions to some, as I’m forced to badger my brain for a more satisfying answer.

I don’t come from a family with many christmas traditions. Christmas didn’t necessarily mean gifts either. Our tradition growing up was more about spending time with each other – mother and daughter. For me, it’s not the end of the world if noone buys/makes me a gift. The time spent together is more precious, for it gives an opportunity to create new memories. For to me, a memory lasts forever. And that’s what a child mostly remembers!

However, no matter how you celebrate or don’t celebrate christmas I wish you all a pleasant time. I hope you’re in the presence of love and happiness. May peace be prominent in your present. May your heart be filled with joy and your dreams come true.

I’m taking a tiny break – to create new memories with those in my life and in the process gather more inspiration. If I’m able to stay away, the plan is to return after the holidays. A writer is always writing – break or not. Nevertheless, the time “off” is a great opportunity to improve and play around with my blog.

I’m open for suggestion and feedback! But hopefully, I’ll come back strong. And with all that said, I leave you with a poem…

I wish for your time
Time in togetherness
Time in creation
I may have it all together
A hand full of happiness
All perceptible by touch
A thing I do not need
For in the moment
I wish for you

Merry Christmas
With love,


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