From A Distance

At times, we remain unbroken because of the excellent people in our lives. This is a tribute to my listeners, believers and trusting companions. You matter to me in every way!


Pic by A.B. @ The Vigeland Park, Oslo

To not unlock what lies beneath, a cry in silence is certain.

I have not been given a reason to do so, therefore trust was never an obvious choice. Either in enjoyment or battles, my insecurities kept me locked. Trust is profound. Because of you I now believe it’s obtainable, a true essence in any relationship.

To the self, I tell stories that a burden I am. I voice the words of incompetent but you prove the opposite, letting me know I am good enough. That I am strong and capable.

With one dial, from a distance you lighten the weight I carry. And with a simple message you succeed to put a smile on my face.

You offer me the best medicine – laughter.  And I embrace it. Every sound.

In the name of love, I share I’m not prominent. But in your words I am showered with warmth and affection. You shake the doubts and fears that emerges in darker days. Whilst inspiring me to express my truth – either bad or good.

We fight our own battles from afar knowing we have each other to lesson the cries, burdens and fears. Having each other, although from a distance, to share our thoughts of curiosity and the stories of life. I rest in comfort knowing that I have you, a someone blind of judgement and indifferent.

It took me awhile to understand the meaning of friendship and what it represents. It took me you to understand. I adore the moments we share.
As I cherish having you in my life, I hold you dear in my heart.
Distance between us is filled with love, care and trust.
We’re far away yet you’re close to my heart.

Dear friend, you came at the right time. Exactly when you were supposed to.
For that, I am forever grateful.

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