Being A Night Owl

We’re [humans] apparently fans of labeling things/people and categorising whatever that can be categorised is something we do all too well. But we are who we are!

When talking to so called ‘early birds’ I realize more every time that I’m certainly not in that category. I’ve tried fitting in the typical early bird box, mimicking their every descriptions but I seem to be failing miserably at all of my attempts.

Eventually, coming to terms with the obvious reality was inevitable. I had to face the facts which kept showing that when it comes to my own sleeping patterns I’m just not like most people around me. Ergo, to label myself, it’s fair to say I’m a ‘night owl’. And I have been for a long time!

What makes it obvious, apart from not marching off to bed at sensible hours like other “sensible” human beings?

Well, here are some of the signs –  you know you’re a night owl when…

– You feel invigorating, energetic and wide awake in the hours when everybody else is feeling the opposite.

– You have no problem staying up all night. You enjoy the late hours which for you means total silence and darkened solitude.

– Falling asleep at normal hours seems harder than it should be. For some reasons your mind is at full speed with ideas and creativity ready to burst. Your creativity blossoms past midnight!

– You set your alarm to remind yourself it’s bedtime (trying to fit in the other box). Unfortunately, it never works for the reason that you shut the alarm before it can actually alarm you. Going to bed at 10 pm it’s way too early for you… from this point sensibility has left.

– When the opportunity presents itself, you’re in “sleepless-night” heaven (doubt there’s a such thing!). You’re up till the crack of dawn and you don’t even feel guilty about it!

There is an upside and downside with a lot of things in life, this also applies being a night owl. Am I proud? Well, I wouldn’t go that far. Yet I am who I am, sleeping patterns and all. But if one chooses to believe research on the matter, being a night owl doesn’t sound all bad – it has its pros and cons. Nevertheless, living in an early bird world as a night owl does present certain challenges!

What fits your type; an early bird or a night owl?  Or maybe something else?

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