Seven Things That Makes You & Me Unique

flowerI am who I am and no one else. I have characteristics and features that make me who I am and no one else. You are who you are and no one else. Being unique is being one of a kind and unlike anyone else.

It’s not the stories alone we tell ourselves or share to the outside world that make us unique. Nor the challenges we’ve faced or will face later on in life. It’s got to be more than that. Right?

We all have something to say. We all have a voice that’s dying to be heard or words in need to be written; some more than others. What some have to say is not always necessary, interesting, captivating or in need to be articulated.

But I believe we all share the urge to be heard
and seen  – a basic human need.

Behind every individuals there is a story; where we come from, who we are, what we do and so on. We interact with others out of curiosity and bother to ask questions to feed our desire to know, share and learn. We ask because we’re curious, we dig for the satisfaction of getting a story in return.

Behind a smile or a simple hello, lies also curiosity.

The challenges of life are endless either we are prepared for them or not. Life doesn’t play favorites! The extent or seriousness of these challenges are different. What and how we experience depends on our circumstances in life and what we carry around with us in the sense of personality, emotions, beliefs and etc. But substantially we can all experience similar difficulties and challenges. What makes it all unique is our ability to experience, deal and cope in different ways.

But what makes us unique?

We all look somewhat like humans, in different shapes and shades. But we all have different personalities (some more than others). A personality is an individual’s characteristics traits, abilities and uniqueness. It also includes psychological features and moral attributes. Your personality plays a role in defining/describing who you are as a person. And with all the personality types out there, comparing just doesn’t do anyone justice.

Our instinctive sentiment and reactions derives from our circumstances, moods and relationships with others. What we feel, why we feel what we feel and how we feel is different from one person to another thus making us unique. But our emotions is more often complex and intertwined with several other components. Our mind and thoughts is also significant in making you and me unique. Our thoughts create our world and reality – therefore, what occupies our mind and thoughts marks a great difference between us humans.

Another aspect that makes us unique is our aspirations and goals. This aspect is very much a part of us and contributes in shaping our future. We all have dreams – big or small. We strive and aspire to achieve something in life as we cultivate an ambition, a goal or a dream.

Each of us carry unique life experiences. They tend to shape us and teach us valuable lessons – if we of course use them wisely. The present is usually a result of what we’ve experienced. And there is no denying the fact that what we’ve experienced in life will have an (positive or negative) impact on our personality and emotions.

Past vs present


Our circumstances can be challenging – you and I may not be where we want to be in life. At times our circumstances will make us take actions, determining what’s possible.

The relationships we conduct with others says a lot about us. The impressions we leave behind. And the way we are with others and how we treat those around us. All this making us different and unique.

Of course there is a lot of things that makes all of us unique . And there is denying that we share many similar traits and characteristics but I’m a believer that we’re all unique in our own ways.

My story and experiences are probably not so unique for most people but my story is not what makes me unique, is the person I am – body, mind and soul. – Scavenging Through Life

Think how boring life or the world around us would be if we were all similar, programmed and wired the same way?

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