The NaNoWriMo-Experience

NaNoNovember flew by in a flash for me; as did the whole NaNo experience.

It all started well – I had motivation, inspiration and a storyline in my corner. I was excited to experience writing everyday. Well at least try. I never thought my mind would be more wrapped up in writing. But yes it happened – excitement grew as November was approaching. 

As a newbie, I didn’t know what to expect. My anxiety started building up on halloween. I was first excited but then excitement turned into fear… I mean 50k in a month, that’s pretty crazy. For me the idea of writing 50k words was nearly impossible to understand how it was all possible. But then again, nothing is impossible until attempting and failing, and perhaps then trying again.

After going through the experience, there are a couple of words that describe what NaNo felt like for a newbie like myself:

Excitement and overwhelming: Like any new journey one embarks on; excitement is always a keyword. But let’s not forget also overwhelming because of having to put much into the whole process whilst entering a new and unknown territory.

Intense and obsessive: Especially when the main focus was the amount of words. You get wrapped up in it that you forget the whole experience and what you’re writing. As you begin and the action starts, your mind is consumed in the characters and story you’re writing but then the mind gets wrapped up in wordcounts. Getting words on paper becomes a daily (obsessive) thought. A lot of moment contemplating how to get more words. Luckily, I came to a point early on that I wasn’t going to focus on wordcount. As a newbie I was going to enjoy the experience and learn whilst developing my story, characters and the craft of writing (all easy said than done though).

Honestly, I didn’t expect it all to be so intense and not mention mind consuming. The first two weeks went very well. I went from wanting to write every day to actually writing every day. But then reality started to kick in. And with other duties in hand and life to battle it all became too much to handle. So I dropped out of the race.

However, the whole experience was FUN. Connecting with other fellow writers; newbies and professionals. Sharing ideas, giving and receiving feedback. Asking for help or opinions. And not to mention, the support shared all around. I will truly cherish the whole experience. For no experience is truly wasted. I learned a lot from the writing month experience. I’ve discovered my strengths and weaknesses. I started with an idea and ended up with 10k words to show for. I can now say I’m headed in the right direction. I know more of what I’m capable of. So, there’ll definitely be a next time!

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