Hard Lessons About Marriage

That I’ve learned, despite my occasional stubbornness.

We decided to tie our lives together, for love and companionship. The honeymoon phase is slowly withering whilst reality surely kicks in – for better and for worse (literally!). In better days we laugh, love and create memories, whereas in our worse days we learn, evolve and grow stronger as a couple and family. In my mind there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. And I’m sure many can agree.

Looking back over the years, I’ve learned a lot about my husband, he never ceases to amaze me. Nevertheless, I’ve also learned a lot about myself as a person and of course as a wife.

After being together for 9 years and married for 6, here are four valuable lessons I’ve learned so far about marriage or any love relationships for that matter.


  • It takes hard work
  • It’s not about me, it’s not about you – it’s about us
  • Love alone is not enough but of course essential
  • Communication and trust are key elements


Marriage requires both parties to be invested and making an effort. Being in committed relationship you’re responsible to make it work – give it 100%. Nothing screams ‘committed’ than marriage. Your choices and decisions are tied together, thus making trust an essential element. For most it starts with love but several important aspect of a marriage make they way in the relationship.

Despite our differences we accept who we are as individuals but also as a couple. Embrace how far we’ve come and where we’re headed.


Happy Wednesday!


5 thoughts on “Hard Lessons About Marriage

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    Amina, I just wanted to say some words of support for your wonderful reflection. Thank you for sharing this deeply personal aspect of yourself. It is great advice. Nine years is a good stretch. It seems you’ve been friends way before that. If only more marriages started out with friendship and the eternal growth factor. Warm wishes. x


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