Getting Unstuck

Being stuck in life is being in the state of questioning
the past, present and future.


This is not rocket science but it’s just as hard or even harder. I know this as I’m challenging myself everyday. Fighting the good fight with every step I choose to take and have to take.

These statements or affirmations if you will require courage, time, curiosity.

The courage to face the ‘fire’. The time to heal. The curiosity to open your heart, evolve and learn.

Getting unstuck or breaking a vicious cycle demands a lot from us depending on what or who. Like humans, every challenge and downswings is different.

We all have to start somewhere, so…

  • Ask for help. Nothing to be ashamed about. But from experience I know it takes courage to.
  • Stop and evaluate – your life and who you are
  • Acknowledge and accept the past, your failures, mistakes, regrets.
  • Accept what is. Live in gratitude for what you have.
  • Know what you want. However, in order to know exactly what you want you must connect to what’s inside – open your heart to your true desires.
  • Let go of control of all things. The only person in your control is you and the only aspect of life you can control is the present.

Which requires us to…

  • Live in the moment. You’ll be surprise and amaze of the beauty of life that lies in the moment and surrounds us all even being in the dark.

Finally, keep in mind, life is a process – we must live it day by day as we build it brick by brick. Give yourself time. Have patience and trust in your ability to make smart choices.

Happy Wednesday!

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