Insecurities: We all have ‘em


We carry them with us like the prowlers they are; either consciously or unconsciously. However, some insecurities play a big role in our lives affecting our everyday life, while some almost have a non-impact on us but manage to make us feel self-conscious even as adults. Unfortunately, mine has been waving at me, like a friendly neighbor, ever since I was old enough to be aware of them. I guess, the upside is that at least I’m aware of them., right?

With this post we go back to the power of words and how many bruises they can leave behind.

My thought is; if you have nothing informative, meaningful, helpful, supportive, kind, inspiring or even positive to say don’t say nothing at all. Your words will only devalue your being.

There are several ways to be honest; are you sharing your opinions for the right or wrong reasons? Even so, are there any right or wrong reasons to ‘judge’ another fellow human being you most likely know nothing about, only based on your beliefs, attitude, set of ideas and thoughts?

Back to words; it’s exactly words that haunts me and that have left behind sore bruises. Not to mention also the hardest to heal from. Although the words have been said, as something in the past; spoken words are played out in my mind as I repeat them out of context like a broken record.

I may not fit into your beliefs of beauty, so why waste time judging me?

I was recently bruised with unkind and unnecessary words. A complete stranger who I’ve never met or seen before. His words could’ve easily and probably be avoided if the counterpart was sober. However, my insecurities knows no difference between soberness and drunkenness. My insecurities also ignores facts and common sense; it sees and hears but interpret on its own terms. Ain’t that b*tch!

Exactly what was said isn’t an importance here but all I can say is that it has something to do with someone else beliefs and ideas of what beauty is. And my beauty apparently didn’t fit into his set of ideas.

I choose to remain “faceless” for the time being while I find my place in the blogging/writing arena. And honestly for the reasons mentioned in this post; insecurities. Go figure, it’s yet another trait that makes me human!

The reason for the post is to first and foremost serve as a reminder (for me and others) that we all have insecurities. We all have something, in any proportions, that can entrap and enslave us to our self-doubt; furthermore awakening what seem to be buried beneath. We all have our own battles to fight; at times, with ourselves as our worst enemy (the worst enemy one can have).

Nobody is perfect but we devalue ourselves by wanting to become the things we’re not along with trying to fit into someone else’s idea of how or who we should be. Forgetting that our abilities and features is what makes us unique. Nevertheless, the uniqueness of human is that we’re all different and come in different shapes, forms and shades.

Secondly a reminder to use your words carefully and wisely, for your words might be something that can either make or break someone. Your goal should be to ‘make’ someone; feel loved, inspired or even motivated, that’s how we elevate ourselves and others.

After all, we all want and search for the same things; respect, love, care, validation, compassion, purpose and meaning.

Insecurity doesn’t kill all that is beautiful unless YOU let it.


Happy Wednesday – Happy writing!

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