A Mother’s Choice #2

Here is part two of last Friday’s ‘Unbroken Spirits’ story “A Mother Choice”


MotherAyaan wasn’t suppose to be her, she thought whilst astonished at her current situation and choices. Although knowing luck had nothing to do with it, she was hoping for a brief moment of prosperity. Even a surprising fact that might have been left behind would make life easier. Reality for her was having to live life day by day. Raising her daughter with what she had. A dream to yet another foreign country was not a factor. She once pursued a such journey but failed to succeed.

Through a close friend, Ayaan met wealthy acquaintances. They had common grounds; being all from the same country and seeking adventure in the vibrant city of Abidjan, Ayan felt a sense of belonging. As she spoke the language and understood the culture, she was viewed as great asset to the group. They welcomed her with open arms and included her in the plan along with offering her to join. A plan to seek a better tomorrow.

“Don’t worry, everything’s going to be just fine.” they said. Enthusiastic to the plan and the journey ahead. Still unaware of the consequences it may bring. Ayan was not yet convinced but she thought with their money and persistent, anything was possible. She’s learned from the wrong ones but could now only hope for  the right ones.

Silence has come with full force. They all sleep, for tomorrow raises more questions in need of answers. The biggest one yet; can she leave Abi behind, her only child. Thoughts circulating in her mind but to her there was no going back, her final decision is expected.

Life speaks to us in different ways and platforms. It’s all about listening. The decision to keep her unborn child came in several distinct dreams. One involving a snake speaking the tongue of humans as it revealed all being a part of a design in which she should not tamper with.

In a rich man’s nest, Ayaan lies in bed as one with darkness. The absence of sleep and desperates thoughts keeps her awake. Next to her lies her daughter, innocent and unaware of the choices of life.

“How can I leave you?” she whispers softly. Holding her daughter tightly in her arms. Never wanting to let go.

“Maybe it’s for the best.” attempting to convince herself. In a truthful moment she considers the unthinkable. And in a one rush a wave of regrets comes to the surface once more, inviting more tears and despair.

Contemplating for a solution to her problem, she thinks of her mother, Nima. The thought of her mother’s love was proving to be her only source of comfort. She remembers after her father’s death the family was left behind to pick up the pieces. Ayaan witnessed her mother’s strength and admired the warrior she was. Never giving up despite broken moments.

“A mother’s strength is her daughter’s legacy.” a saying Nima would always share with her girls. Ayaan took it as a lesson to show strength when raising daughters. In a world where sons were given certain rights, Nima knew that her two daughters, Ayaan and Sarah would have a more challenging path as she herself experienced.

Ayaan was suddenly filled with the urge to speak with her mother. The wisdom of her mother always brought hope and clarity. which she needed. In that moment, it was the only decision she was able to make.

Full daylight has arrived and silent eminent. Ayaan stands in a corner in the living room and makes the call. The first thing she does before her expectant audience.

In an instant, her mother’s voice comforted her wounded spirit. Ayaan then explained everything.

Love. In love we find light and hope. Ayaan knew making her decision would have to involve that as it had played significant role in her life. With a clear mind and in all awareness, Ayaan realized that by her side is where her daughter belongs. Her love for her daughter was immeasurable.

From a place of love, Nima advised her daughter to shed no more tears and find the strength imprinted inside her.

“You’re a mother and your child is your responsibility.” Nima said. “You’re my daughter. Don’t worry, we’ll find a way to send you the money.” was the last words spoken. A short conversation but it had meaning and Comfort.

Although Ayaan’s struggles involved making tough choices, it had always been out of love. As a result her legacy will be love and the strength she’ll pass on to her daughter. She was not to leave her mother’s side, the bond was too strong.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you for reading. A new story next Friday.
Wish you a pleasant weekend!

A.B. small

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