Weekend Inspiration: Change Is Inevitable


“Change is evidence of involvement and evolvement.”
– Amina B.

Untitled drawing (1)

As I sit in an unfamiliar apartment in the city of Oslo on my vacation with my oldest, the notion of change and the need of new challenges can no longer be left buried. This week’s inspiration is more of a reminder and a boost for myself in order to move on to the next level despite doubts, fear and insecurities. Once again, I remind myself that change is inevitable (and at times a good thing!).

It’s friday and today’s weekend inspiration post I mark as my last one. For the time being, it will be the last time I dedicate my fridays to the obvious tradition. However, I can assure you that inspiration can still be found in many of my writings.

To write and experience more of the craft, I say hello to a new beginning…

The week to come will be dedicated to “Unbroken Spirits”. I will challenge myself on writing more short stories and prose. I will try to check fears and insecurities out the door.

Unbroken Spirits will be stories (fiction/non-fiction) I have inside me that needs to be told. Some of the stories are based or inspired by actual events but altered for the purpose of drama, suspense and other elements.

Stay tuned…

With that said, let me state the obvious once again – it’s FRIDAY! Happy friday to you all. I wish everyone a pleasant and warm weekend (as it happens to be a cold and windy autumn on Norwegian soil these days).

With l-o-v-e;



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