Let’s Get A Little Personal

Me (1)I share a lot of personal emotions, challenges and details about myself here. But I’m more than the challenges and downswings I face in my life. My emotions are my own and I can assure you that I’m no robot. Nevertheless, behind the sadness and laughter you’ll find me, a down to earth kind a girl. Well, woman – approaching my thirties so I guess that’s the correct term?!

I’m pretty simple but I would say that I have a complex mind – a curse and a blessing. Not because I have a genius mind or anything but rather that my mind seem to be constantly occuppied. For better or worse, I’m a thinker. I would say curiosity is a specialty!

I ask my husband if he thinks of me as ‘simple’. He chuckles, doesn’t even give it a thought – the answer is a straight up ‘no’. According to him, I’m not simple at all (but then again, what man thinks of the opposite sex as simple?). Well, in his words “you’re simple when it comes to your habits [other word: predictable]. But you have a complicated mind [confusing].” He should know, he’s the first victim to whatever this mind cooks up.

So who am I? I picked some questions to answer to share with you. Not exactly fancy questions or complicated but enough for you to get a better sense of who I am with no drama. Now keep in mind that some of these ‘facts’ can change course at any time, for opinions/descriptions/beliefs do evolve and alter.

Favorite color?
Without a doubt BLUE.

Three words that others (would probably) use to describe me.
Kind – Insightful – Understanding

Three words I use to describe myself.
Insightful – Empathetic – Attentive

My first crush?
Kevin Richardson from the boyband Backstreet Boys. Yep, I was bitten by the boyband bug in my teens. Which teenage girl wasn’t?

Apart from writing and just sitting on my a? Hmm, with a full-time job, two kids, a husband and other responsibilities, I have to admit that I don’t have the capacity (or desire) to even try to have a hobby that requires me to get from point a to point b. My hobbies involves in staying at home watching tv-series or even a movie. On occasionally dancing alone in the living room and shake what my mama gave me, does that count as a hobby?

What am I passionate about?
Anything that’s super important in my life; my family, writing, sacred friendships and music.
Things I couldn’t be without. Lately, I’ve been very passionate about writing to a point I’ve become obsessive (motivated) about.

None. I’m an only child – a blessing in disguise at times.

If I had a magic wand…
I would be travelling the world. Interacting with new people and experiencing different culture. Writing full-time. My house would be clean 24/7 and the pile of laundry would be non-existent.

What do I believe in?
This is tricky. I don’t believe in anything that can be labeled or categorized. Religion, to me, raises more questions than answers. Any belief system for that matter. And the contradictions are hard to overlook or accept! I believe there is a reason behind most actions and events, if not all. We alone can define who we are and want to be. In order to live a full life, one has to take full responsibility for the life they are living. You get what you put out!

What do I know for sure?
I guess a lot but let’s keep it short. The downswings of life is inevitable. I’m not getting any younger. Hard work has its rewards. Parenting is damn hard but a worthy challenge. Life is full of beauty.

Nothing about this post is well thought out or planned. In retro-perspective I see that these so called ‘facts’ are so random. But they’ll do for now.

Happy wednesday!

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