10 Lessons Writing Has Taught Me (And Still Is)

writingWhen writing a simple journal, poem or even storytelling – I know why I write and it’s been clear since the beginning of writing anything. Why one writes is a valid question every writer must ask themselves. I write to gain more clarity and tranquility and writing offers that. Secondly, I write because I have a story to tell that’s worth telling – mostly for myself. Finally, writing connects me to my authentic self – I write so I can be.

Although I have a long journey ahead before I can call myself a profesjonelle writer/author (or anything remotely close), writing is much a part of my life more and frequently. Therefore, not writing is not an option and an element I can’t be without.

The year 2015 has no doubt been a year where I’ve dedicated my time and heart to writing, reading and learning the craft even more. And seeing all in perspective, the learning curve when it comes to writing just keeps going upwards. Nevertheless, there is so much elements to writing that I don’t think a writer (amateur or pro) is fully trained in the craft of writing in various or all forms.

No experience is wasted, every lesson learned is one step closer to a destination unknown. In the name of creativity and writing, here’s what I’ve learned so far and still learning…

  1. The best you can do for yourself as a writer is find your own voice. #BeYou
  2. Writing connects you to your inner voice, unburdens a lot of emotions/moods and fears. You become more aware of your thoughts as you write thus connecting you to your authentic self and creativity.
  3. Creativity cannot be rushed but you can at least kickstart it. From experience I’ve noticed that creativity floats when the mind is still; with writing as a component that causes stillness. When being in the zone it’s hard to stop but also, ideas are hard to ignore; I’m finding myself writing in weird places (making notes on my phone).
  4. A writer writes! It won’t write itself and nothing will get written unless you start writing. Expecting the first time to be golden is asking for trouble. But the upside of starting somewhere – anywhere – is that the more you write the better and a lot of the process of writing is learning by doing.
  5. Writing is hard! And it’s much more than just putting words together and saying ‘voila’. It’s time consuming and the constant plotting for ideas or anything remotely close never ends. Writing a debut novel feels like attempting to climb Mount Everest or any damn peaks for that matter. Challenging, requires persistence AND discipline. I’m working on that last part!
  6. Writing and reading actually go together. Why? In order to learn the craft. Funny enough, finding the time to do both can be quite difficult. Sometimes when reading I find myself wanting to write and vice versa. Mind you depending on what I’m reading or the motivation/effectiveness of my writing.
  7. Writing is a form for sharing; ideas, thoughts, words, stories. And in the sense that it connects a writer with either readers or other like minded spirits. Sometimes writing feels like putting my heart and thoughts on display becoming more vulnerable.
  8. There is no such thing as perfection but good enough whilst hoping for greatness. You can only do your best and give it your all.
  9. Discouragement is bound to happen. Accept it, deal with it and move on.
  10. Writing is like magic, you start with nothing and end up with (possibly) a masterpiece. Leaving your audience in admiration. *sigh* I wish! Well, this lesson illustrates more of the reader side of me (audience) as I’m admiring some amazing writers and masterpiece out there, in my mind.

That’s all folks! Happy Wednesday & Writing.

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