Weekend Inspiration: Discouragement

FearA familiar territory for most people striving towards something. An emotion when fear of the unknown or even fear of failing is more dominant than optimism. Discouragement has probably killed more dreams than talent (the lack there is) and probably other obstacles. 

When in discouragement the infamous question appears – “what’s the point…?” Moments when giving up seems like an easy option than perseverance. In a moment when that tiny yet powerful voice convinces you not to bother with anything or even make an effort; for whatever it is, it’s less likely to happen. A period of time when hope and confidence just seem to have flown out the window, and now you fight to get them back.

Now, what to do?!

Well, PERSIST. In whatever! Deal with TODAY – take one day at a time. Keep going!
Find the fuel that lights up your fire. And remember: 


I’ll get back to you when I’ve found a more precise formula or even a cure for discouragement (maybe when I’m older and wiser?) Meanwhile, it’s friday and I wish you all a pleasant weekend!! 

With love,


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