A Hundred Blog Posts Later

postsIt’s tuesday evening – the month of august; it’s been six months since my first blog post. This gives a new meaning to the phrase we often use; time flies…

Comparing to my first post

I have more brighter days. I’m more grateful. I’ve (re)discovered an old passion; I’m working towards various goals and dreams that at times seems impossible to reach. However, with each day I’m one day closer. Now at least, I know what I want!

I started writing to express the emotions that was boiling inside of me and to bring order to my chaotic surroundings at the time.

This blog was to challenge my spirit that was in need of new experiences and attempt to break down the wall of fears. And what better way to break down that wall than to write what lies deep and show vulnerability to the “world”.

If you’d like revisit some of my old post from my personal journey, here are some throwbacks:

The Heart’s Desire // Battling The Downswings of Life // English – My Thinking Language // The Good-Girl Syndrome // So…what do you want? // Captivity // Scavenging Through Life

Looking back, I didn’t really have any big plans or ideas to what this blog was going to be like. All I had was a name/title and something to share. At first, I started with where I was in life; lost, in pain and feeling empty. And then worked my way forward with each post.

A fun fact (well, mostly for me), I wrote several of the inspirational blog posts to inspire myself in times where I needed to inspire or even motivate me in the right direction. And then “weekend inspiration” became a tradition, where I share with you different life lessons and my advice. The reward has been the feedback in simple likes and comments! So thank you for taking the time to do so (and please, continue).

Thank you for the support, to all my visitors and followers. From a humble writer like myself, the suport is highly appreciated. Thank you for choosing to grow, evolve and connect with me!

I’m grateful for the experiences blogging has introduced me; writing (practice makes perfect, right?), connecting with others and sharing. I’ve learned that amongst an ocean of bloggers, at the end of every posts – we’re all humans, in search of meaning and purpose. We’ve all got a journey to live and explore.

Nevertheless, I’m grateful for other bloggers. Thank you for your insightful, encouraging, inspiring, informative and beautiful words that you choose to share – despite the risk of drowning in an ocean of bloggers.

For that let’s continue to – Write / Share / Connect.

With love,

A.B. small

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