Despite Obstacles

aroseIt took awhile to figure out and realize that my worst nightmares and my spirit have not been in vain but surely in pain for a purpose. Somehow, I’ve always known that all of my disturbance have been a part of a grand picture. With every disruption as a piece of the puzzle; revealing a bigger image – piece by piece. If not, what would be the point of taking a deep breath, waking up to a new day and at the same time surrendering myself to the task of living.

I take the bad and learn from it, but I treasure the good and grow with it. A witness, a victim, a fighter, a human being surviving despite adversities. In darker days, my pain wake me up to awareness. Reminding me that life is not a punishment but a blessing – in certain times, in disguise.

The beauty within me was never recognize. Firing words was like bullets, leaving a growing hole in my heart. It’s been said things get better as one gets older, and in some way there is a truth to it. Unfortunately there is no denying that my pain and misfortunes travel with me through time.

The bullets shot at my direction with a perfect hit manages to control my life from time to time. Insecurities boils up into the surface, awakening the pain that was unconsciously put to sleep. The words; the punches and humiliation is attached behind shut eyes. Subtlety was not a part of the game. Despite my insecurities, my hunger to thrive still manages to emerge.

Only I can define who I am. Nevertheless, the undeniable rainfall of bullets makes it hard for the true self to emerge. First impression is everything, they say; I guess, at this point I’ve lost a battle before it has even began. For the naked eye my beauty takes time to discover.

The road hasn’t been easy, and will continue to challenge me as I go on with life. The fist of an evil force couldn’t break me down completely despite the hurt of indifference that left behind open wounds, leaving a broken girl to heal. The images remain but my strength is now visible. What will become of me, will not be taken away. I arose, blooming like the flower I am and was meant to be; like a tree I stand tall with my feet firmly on the ground.

The present, my present is a result of previous experiences – good or bad. I know that now! Which means, erasing my past would be erasing who I’ve become. Unbroken, despite obstacles and wary paths.


2 thoughts on “Despite Obstacles

  1. BeeHappee says:

    I was thinking of the image of holes in your heart. Someone said, what makes lace beautiful is the holes in it. Same with the heart, your heart is beautiful because of the holes, treasure each part of it.

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