The Beauty of Life


beauty of life

Life is full of beauty; some obvious to the naked eye
and some hidden in need to be discovered.

We’ve all failed in life and made mistakes. Who hasn’t? We’ve all felt lost, sorrow, pain or even discouragement. The beauty of life is being able to keep on living and moving forward despite of broken times and situations. We learn and evolve as we go along, unaware of what lies ahead. We stumble and fall, but rise up victorious on the other side – at times proud and grateful of the lessons we’ve learned in good and bad times.

Imagine a world where every life events and experiences was set in stones. And all we had to do was just wait and be there when it all happen. I doubt that would be called “living”. I believe there is a purpose behind every life. And no matter how difficult it might be to comprehend the complexity, we’re all here for a reason – big or small. One of the greatest thing in life that we’re not always aware of, is that we all play a role in someone’s life. We all matter!

Every one of us is a part of a “grand” picture. However, to not make us seem like a bunch of robots, it’s fair to add that our mind and emotions play a great part in finding and reaching whatever purpose. Our ability to think and feel is what separates us from other species. We can predict human behaviors but the human mind and emotions is much more complex.

The beauty of life is also being present in every moment. Finding gratitude and listening to every aspirating words. The feeling behind an act of kindness; giving and sharing with no attachment.

Exploring life the way we’re meant to. Letting the sense of gratitude being evokes just by stepping outside where the beauty of nature surrounds us. Curiosity that disrupts our point of view in certain aspects of life and connects us to countless possibilities; one of them being human connection. Our ability to dream and fullfill whatever we set our mind to.

Love, the purest gift to share or/and receive connecting us to one another.


6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Life

  1. noblethemes says:

    Beautiful. Every word spoke to me deeply this morning; every word had its purpose in teaching or reminding me of what it means both to “be” and to truly “live.” Thank you!


    • Amina Berg says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it and that my words served a purpose. We sometime need a reminder of the beauty of life. We’re all here for a reason. Thank you for your comment! Highly appreciated 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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