Broken Loyalty

You were bigger
Supposed to be wiser
To love and protect was your duty
Care was never to be your attribute
Agony was mine to bear
Emptiness was mine to fill
A survivor was for me to become


6 thoughts on “Broken Loyalty

    • Amina Berg says:

      There’s was more to say, there’s always more… I wrote it on the bus ride to work one day but kept it short since it meant digging up old emotions. And I never went back to add more…


      • cherished79 says:

        It does dig up feelings and emotions that are hidden away. I wrote a poem that I wanted to write for some time, and one day I said ok this it, and can you believe, I typed it with my eyes closed ~ the words came out and the poem was finished and edited within 30 minutes. (I never write anything that fast for a post). Take care and take your time, and if you never finish it, who cares!. 🙂

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