Weekend Inspiration: Time is Precious

It’s friday and the weekend is just right around the corner, I can even taste it. With friday, it’s time for tiny dose of inspiration and this is a continuation (or a short repeat) from a previous blogpost in May: Time is Truly Precious. Time is endless, but unfortunately for us humans it has an unknown end. But lets make sure the ending is spectacular!

Precious time (1)The concept of time is quite simple, I think. We all have the same amount of hours in a day. We’re not promised time in the future – but time in the moment, where we’re living and breathing.

There is 24 hours in a day and ideally at least seven or eight of them is spent resting/recharging our batteries. And if you have work, that probably “steals” time also – however, to work is how most of us make our living, it’s  a choice and for some mandatory. In my mind, thinking one lacks time is all in our head. Not having time to do what we love or even spend time with family and friends is a choice.

I myself have been a victim of the belief that time is something I do not have. Unfortunately, focusing too much on future time rather than the moment I actually have and truly live in that moment.

Don’t become a timeslave At the end of the day, time is something we all can master…

Wish you all a pleasant weekend! Now, go out there and LIVE and cherish every moment (it’s a cliché saying this but it’s true though; you never know, it might be your last).

With love,

A.B. small

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