The Drunken Writer


If all fails…

“Write drunk, edit sober”
– Ernest Hemingway

I was going through some documents on my laptop, and stumbled upon the following writing that seem rather gibberish to the sober eye and mind. I present to you a perfect nonsense yet challenging “reading” as we fully welcome the weekend.

What’s to come next is probably for those with perhaps a tiny sense of humor? I don’t know, you be the judge. I remember the whole writing process started on the train ride home after an evening with some co-workers and friends on May the 30th (my last day at my previous job). And I couldn’t go to sleep immediately when I arrived home, so apparently the nonsense writing continued there.

I was embarrassed at first but I couldn’t stop laughing as I sat reading it all (I mean, check out the spelling!). The whole thing is such a train wreck, so bad that I wanted to share my “failure” with you. That’s really nice of me, if I may say so myself. To make you laugh…and probably make you shake your head in hopelessness?!

It seems that I was going to post this (maybe I did but decided to delete it?), but either way, it’s not amongst my ‘published’ posts so I guess I pulled the plug just in time. Who knows

Nothing has been edited so this is the RAW material! Prepare yourself and good luck!


“Happy to have met you, proud to know you. A goodbye is not necessary, for in my heart you’ll always be .”

Hapoy friday, even if the tome is 00.24 pm (technical, it’s saturday) and  I’ve always wondered what it woylf feel like or look like if writing being between the state of  tpisy and drunk. All i can say is the room is spinning.  My smattphone is spinning,  abd i’n finding myself ti have to wink on one er eye in order to stop the spinning.

Hmn, wgat am i thinkung of… Well, not much, exept that i’m in deeo consentration to getying the wirds rught. I’m pribably failing big time!

Now, your pribably wonserung why i’m writing this? No special reason, just for fumn. Fir starters just curious, secondly, how does it look like “paper”?

Just keep in mind that this is completely meaningless, and you’ll do just fine. Hang in there, tjis has no purpose for a  chabge.

As i write this, i justify it with an advice i’ve read somrwhere about writing in every situation and emotion. Even agter a couple wine glass. So here i am, experiementing and experincing!

Odd All i can say about this evening/nigjt is that i’ve had a great evening. *happy*

The nugjt is still young for some but as a parent, thw cøock is ticking until rhe youngest (two yers) is ready for a new dsy – in five hours!

Go to get in some beauty sleep!

Probably going to regret writing this but as of this moment i’m too tipsy/drunk to let fear control me. Fear has left the biulding!!!

The time is 01.00, all i can say is goodnight abd see you on the orher side.

Sorry to disappoint! No, “interlectuall” writing frim me thus time aroubd.

Now, i’m curioys, how much and what did you understand or even get from this post? Pleade, share?

But from me to you, goodnigjt! Sorry for making a mess 🙂

Looking forward to reading tjis tomorrow. *the embarasement* *amusement* *laughter*

With love,


It would seem that sobriety was not catching as I got home, and all coordination between my fingers and the keyboard (and probably other parts) was close to non-existent.

Now, tell me how much did you understand??

Anyways, wish you all fun weekend!!

With true love (this time),

A.B. small

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