Testing a New Career Path

by A.B.

by A.B.

“Yesterday closes a door, tomorrow opens a new one, today welcomes you in”

The six months younger version of myself would have founded hard to believe that life would take me on this journey that I’ve apparently embarked on.

“Everything happens for a reason. It might be hard to fathom how it can be in some situations but every experience will lead and/or prepare us for what’s to come.”

I’ve managed to take a leap of faith, and trust in my ability to make smart choices. So I’ve embarked on a new journey – a new career path with the same degree I have to my name.

I took control of my own life, made a decision based on what felt right for me and went for it. Yet another valid evidence that there is sunlight after the storm!

The decision was not easy, mainly of the fear of leaving my comfort zone and the most common – failing. Although fear can sometime be a good thing, the decision making was not based on the fear of failing but the fear of missing out on great opportunities and experiences. Letting the negative fear control my living was not an option while making a choice that would lead to unfamiliarities and uncertainties.

I’ve been given a long leave of absence from my previous job (at a Norwegian child protection service) that consisted in following up and evaluating children in foster care, foster parents and biological parents. An important task and rewarding at the same time. But there is no denying it’s a much demanding job and the stress level is high. Altought I enjoyed the work, I was still feeling a mismatch and feeling the need to explore something close to “home” and heart. The opportunity appeared, therefor my current job consists of settling, accommodating and assisting refugees on arrival to the city. Helping them to adjust and maneuver themselves in the society surrounding them.

It’s been over a week now in a new job, filled with new ideas, mindset, sparks, thoughts and not to mention new routines. The mind is processing new information and adapting to the change.

Seeing, feeling and being in movement (in any aspect of life) is something I value. However, I use to believe that the movement was something that happened automatically. Not completely realizing, we create our own movement, in the same sense that we create our own reality. For better or worse.

Looking back these past six months, it’s amazing to think that those months and experiences have led to this current event. But after months, weeks, days and hours of contemplating ideas, dreams, goals, meaning and purpose – in one word; life (!), things started to fall more and more into place. Paying more attention, listening and acting on the choices presented in different situations.

Not to mention: Taking ownership of my life!

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