Thank You For The Warrior In You

A mother’s strength as seen through her daughter’s eyes:

Thank you for choosing me, even if you felt that you didn’t have a choice – nevertheless, you did but you chose responsibility.

Thank you for making the decision to keep the motivation despite broken times, broken words, broken promises and even broken people. You held your ground and showed your courage. You kept on marching. You are a force to be reckon with.

You stood by my side, and fought for my life despite the journey across borders. There were tears, many tears – public tears, hidden tears or even desperate tears. I could feel them all despite my immaturity. However, I was what I was supposed to be – a child.

You were mean but mean with love and compassion. An odd combination, but whatever you lacked, you compensated with more love, support and compassion. However, isn’t that what being a good mother is – not being perfect?

In my mind and heart, you were the perfect combination. I know now it wasn’t all your fault but the cards you were given. But you didn’t let that stop you and you didn’t play the victim but a warrior.

You had your weakness but showed strength all the way – a human warrior.

A human I’m proud to call ‘mother’.

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