The Best Things In Life Are Free

“Money’s not that important”


~ My boys ~ Picture by Amina Berg ~

This was a comment from my six year old in a discussion with his grandmother (on my husband’s side). I don’t remember how and why they came about this subject but I have to admit I felt proud as a mother in that particular moment.

Now, it took me awhile to actually live by the words of my son for the reason that I was completely lost in society’s beliefs and opinion on what to have and not, and what was more important. Basically the values of things, the materialisme side of living – the ownership of objects, the more and the bigger you have, the more acceptance you receive amongst others.

I come from a poor background, and growing up not everything was at my disposal, in my early years the struggles was to get food on the table. If my mother managed to achieve this task that seem easy today, it was considered a good day. Luckily, she only had one mouth to feed (her words not mine). Always look at the bright side of life, right?

But I’ve been truly blessed and I acknowledge how far I’ve come. As a child, I wasn’t “privileged” like my children who will hopefully never experience what it feels like to be poor or  live in uncertainties of not having enough food, clothes or a place to sleep.

Unfortunately, in this world money is essential in order to live a decent life; food, clothes, medicine and roof over your head. The type of “things” most people (who have a decent life) take for granted and perhaps over do it. In my opinion, we seem to forgotten in today’s modern society that the best things in life are free (mostly speaking of western countries).

We (my family and I) live what I would call a basic lifestyle. With a combination of living in a realistic life, while having made the choice that we do/buy what is necessary and be grateful for that. Not having the unnecessary things doesn’t define us. Having said that, achieving and obtaining “luxurious” objects and activities requires patience and a well thought and organized plan.

With that said, I try to live grateful life and remind myself of the oportunities we’ve been given. In addition, acknowledge that there are certain things money cannot buy.

I’ve made a list of certain things in life that are in my opinion, more valuable, yet taken for granted and easy forgotten:

  • Love – all you need is love, right? Is easy to give and receive; with an open mind and an open heart.
  • Kindness – an act of kindness with a simple smile, gesture or even ‘hello’ can bring light and much joy to others and/or even yourself. You get what you bring to the table.
  • Happiness – reminding yourself what is important in life. Living in gratitude, and even if you don’t have much, being grateful for what you have evokes the feeling of happiness. True happiness comes from within – joy. My practice: Happiness is in the Now.
  • Laughter – the best medicine. Making someone laugh is pretty rewarding.
  • Friendship & companionship – true friendship has no economic value nor strings attached. Only the bond and love as connection between friends.
  • Creativity – comes from within and is your own. All you need is your imagination, mind and thoughts to create whatever you want to create, with your heart and soul being the source.
  • Dreams – having the ability to dream and the courage to chase that dream.

I’m well aware that there are people in poor and/or unlucky situations (also in western countries) that may disagree with my line of thoughts on this matter. And that’s fine, most affirmations are debatable. However, it depends on what situations one is living in. From experience, it’s that “have” that complain the most. In a society with high level of consumption and spending (especially here in Norway) is easy to lose touch and control of what’s important and most valuable.

Do you agree/disagree with me? What’s on your “the best things in life are free” list? Other thoughts on the matter? Please, feel free to leave a comment…or two!

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