A blast from the past: The Absence of Light and Clarity

“Only the devil doesn’t feel pain”

My first blogpost was pretty dark, as was I in that particular time. Reading old posts like this one, just brings back memories of the time when darkness seems to have taken over. At a time when clarity was most needed but absent, a time where I had more questions than answers. I made it through the dark but we all know where there is light, darkness awaits – pain is inevitable. However through time we can heal open wounds and broken hearts!


Amina Berg

It all started in the early fall of 2014. I was gradually feeling the absence of me and a belief that I had failed those around me, including myself.

I should have paid more attention to my body, mind and instincts. Instead, I kept on going.

We are not always good at reading the signs leading to pain. We involve ourselves in insignificant things that tend to occupy our minds and lives, which in the end blinds us of recognizing the important aspects of life or even of what’s to come.  Before total darkness, the signs (or symptoms) often appear to either prevent the outcome or prepare ourselves for a rocky journey. Ignoring the signs given in small fractures in our everyday lives tend to leave us in a state of confusion and sense of lost.

I ignored the signs (even symptoms) and was not true to myself. I kept…

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