Writing – Putting Words Together

“When it comes to writing, it’s easy putting words together but making them make sense is damn hard.“

I love and enjoy writing, we’ve established that it’s a passion. Therefore, the quote mentioned above expresses and explains how I feel sometimes when it comes to writing.

Unfortunately, after getting back to the real world/everyday life – work, family and everything else in between, I’m finding it hard to schedule my writing. I don’t have a system yet. But somehow, when I manage to find inspiration to write about a certain subject or thought, putting the words together so they make sense (mostly for me) or even feel right is difficult.
Nevertheless, it’s a challenge I love basking in!

“Writing is like planting a seed – an idea, nourishing that idea and watch it evolve and grow, word by word into an abundance of creations”

I’m pretty sure there are other challenges when it comes to writing.
Tell me, what do you find difficult /challenging when it comes to writing? And why?

Happy friday to you all, from Paris in France (a birthday present!).
Wish you all a creative and rewarding weekend!

A.B. small

2 thoughts on “Writing – Putting Words Together

  1. A Journey With You says:

    I find coming up with an idea to write a poem or essay about difficult and then I find making that idea into something I find pleasing, or beautiful to be very hard. There are times when i am successful and times when I fail.


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