Time is Truly Precious

TimeWow, today I’m a year older! Happy birthday to me!

The years that have gone by has been mashed up together, and previous events seem harder to pinpoint the exact year or date. Lately, every events and memory feels like they’ve happened yesterday but to my surprise certain things may have happened several years ago.

In addition, I’ve lost count of how old I am ever since I turned 24 years (young) a couple of years ago. Now, when asked of my age I’m embarrassed to have to pause and count in my head for the exact age. Not because I’m ashamed of how “old” I am or that I’m taking a moment to fake my age – but for the simple reason that I’ve lost count! These past years, I’ve been to busy counting the years of my two sons, forgetting that as they age, I age along with them.

However, I’m witnessing that time goes by rapidly through my children’s growth, who have gone from completely helpless, dependent tiny little beings to independent and precocious boys – obviously with a mind of their own. All of a sudden, they’re not babies anymore (and not completely innocent at all times)! Nevertheless, I’ve been a mother for almost seven years and through my children, I’ve truly realize that time is a precious element to cherish.

Gratitude and awareness goes hand-in-hand with cherishing time. The importance of being aware of what you have and can control, along with showing gratitude for what you have in the Now. I know that tomorrow may start without me, that’s not in my control. The present moment is what I have for sure, and I have the choice to enjoy that moment, embrace it and/or be grateful for it.

In the fall of last year throughout the winter of this year, I was tired, depressed and totally burned out. Focusing on what I had and still have (my children/family) is what kept me going. Not to mention, giving myself time to evolve, learn and heal.

I’m not perfect and it happens that I find myself in situations that are hard to enjoy. However, I know there is a time for everything and not every moment is enjoyable but every moment is still something precious.

We may not control time in the sense that we can pause or stop it for our own convenience but we have the power to chose what we want to fill our time with and how to spend the time we have.

In today’s society, there is a lot of complaining about not having as much time as we would want to have. We hear a lot about “time squeeze” – squeezing too much duties, activities and tasks in the twenty something hours that we all have. But why is it that some feel they lack less hours when we’re all have the same amount of hours per day?!

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst” – William Penn

Why don’t we give ourselves time in any situation? Why enslave ourselves to time? We’re not bound with time, therefore, time is something we can all master. The time we have is truly precious. Then, why rush through time?

We don’t possess time, it just runs its course. We can only control what we do with the time we have and truly cherish every moment.

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