The hard part of life is living it

A week has gone by with the weekend just around the corner. With that in mind, here is a short point of view, an idea or/and perhaps an inspiring thought on life – in my opinon, a never ending matter.

We’ve all heard the saying that life is hard? In some way or in every way, it’s true. From experience, I’ve learned and still learning that life happens and runs its own course. And sometime we learn things the hard way. I’m learning that we can’t control the outcomes of life at all times. There is no denying this life lesson. Because if we could, we can all agree that life would be a lot more different for most of us.

Life is easy. The hardest part is living it.

We can only hope, wish and strive for the good in life. In my mind, that’s the “easy” part. Where the hardest part of life is living it despite the course and the journey we’ve embarked on. Even so, the responsibility and the choices we make to go on, despite our difficulties and our ups and downs. The part where we find the courage to face the storm, and hope for it to pass. We make mistakes but don’t let our failures break us merely lead us and guide us.

So for me, life is easy. I can’t control what’s to come but choose to live in the moment. In difficult times, founding the courage to persevere and strive for the good in life.

With that said, I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


A.B. small

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