A writer in progress

Writing Space

~ My writing space ~ by Amina Berg ~

It’s no secret by now that I love writing and enjoy every part of it. For me, writing is more than just playing with words. Amongst other things, it’s about inspiring and sharing (ideas, thoughts, stories etc.). I’ve even come to a point where I can say with great certainty that writing is a passion.

Writing has been a part of me ever since I was nine years old, and back then I knew it was something I enjoyed doing. And since being an only child (at times lonely child) writing would be my escape, my hobby and a tool for expressing myself.

At first, it started with writing childish lyrics about love (the puppy kind) and friendship. Throughout my teenage years, I would then discover the comfort and enjoyment of writing journals and poetry. At the same time, I became obsess with love stories (teen novels). I would then make up stories in my head. I guess, that has stuck with me throughout the years.

Growing up, I also implemented writing in a simple activity such as listening to music. Before the internet had gone viral in every household and before google and smart phones invaded our ability to search for things the ‘hard way’, I would sit in my room and write the lyrics to my favorite songs. Just listening to the words and write them down. I guess, that’s one the reason I’ve managed to maintain my English knowledge growing up.

As an adult writing became an escape, a way of exploring life and expressing life’s upsides as well as downsides. In other word, a way of experiencing life! Nowadays, writing has become my therapy; it’s like putting every emotion on a piece of paper and watch them dissolve while being awarded with clarity and space for new thoughts and ideas. Not to mention, I enjoy creating stories and therefore, in the past year I’ve gradually discovered the interests for writing fiction.

Somewhere in between I somehow managed to suppress my love and passion for writing. Writing became a forbidden love affair – an affair that would not lead anywhere, therefore meaningless to pursue. I moved on to other things but occasionally I would find myself drawn to writing.

It took a while to realize that writing was and still is a source of enjoyment mainly because writing doesn’t fit society’s preconceived idea of something worth pursuing. At times, I’m defeated by the idea but then I write.

I’m a self-taught writer (wow, I’m a writer!?) and a learning-by-doing type of person. I read, learn and practice whatever I can find. I hope that in time – in a nearby future, I’ll be able to call myself an author who’s actually publish something. Meanwhile, there is still a lot I would love to learn and discover so for now I’m satisfied with just being and viewed as a writer in progress.

The reason for this blog is to write, share, practice and connect with others. I don’t have any exact plan as to where it all will lead to. But I guess, time will show. Nevertheless, I choose to write! I hope that my words, ideas and thoughts will inspire others one day but at this moment, I’m satisfied with just sharing.

Tell me, why do you write/blog?

6 thoughts on “A writer in progress

  1. theeayieko says:

    Writing is the blood in my veins,the strings in my sweater,the bullet in my gun… Writing is the only friend I have. Especially poetry. I write to fulfill myself


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