Finding Gratitude in Nature


Dombås, Norway ~ Picture by Amina Berg ~

The simple idea of just being able to take a deep breath and realizing you’re alive. That’s something great to be grateful for!

The sun streaming behind the mountains shining onto the white fresh snow. The White Mountain tops with all their shapes and sizes standing majestically. The sun casting a ray of sunlight over the beauty of nature, offering enlightenment. The feeling of fresh air reminds me I’m alive while giving me strength and energy with the bracing scent of winter. The cold winter waving and welcoming new life and hope.


Dalholen, Norway ~ Picture by Amina Berg ~

It’s amazing the beauty one can discover just by stepping outside. At times just stepping outside evokes the feeling of gratitude. Moreover, that is exactly what I felt on our Easter break visiting my mother who lives up north in the Mid-Norway in a small town called Oppdal. At this time of year, Norwegians spend their Easter holiday at their cottages mostly located  in the woods, near water/beach or up the mountains.

We took a long train ride up north, and the scenery passing the mountains was just beautiful. I don’t usually take much picture of mountains and nature but at that moment I felt the urge to do so. But at the same time I was glad to be sitting warm and comfortable instead of actually being outside. Nevertheless, beauty can also be enjoyed from a far!


Oppdal, Norway ~ Picture by Amina Berg ~

We’re usually garanteed snow when we visit my mother up north because there is also usually more snow there as to where we live. The boys really enjoy being there and getting a chance to play in snow. I’ve been here several times but actually seeing and taking picture of the beautiful nature Norway has to offer made feel grateful for being alive and for the things I usually take for granted. I’ll be honest with you, I’m usually not a nature person but I know how to appreciate beauty. And what I saw was truly beauty and to be able to experience it all was just amazing. All I can say is that I’m truly blessed!

And for that, I would like to share with you a tiny piece of Norway. Here are the rest of the pictures taken with my smart phone during our Easter break.


Oppdal, Norway ~ Picture by Amina Berg ~


Dovre, Norway ~ Picture by Amina Berg ~


Dombås, Norway ~ Picture by Amina Berg ~


Dombås, Norway ~ Picture by Amina Berg ~

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