What makes a writer?

Is it the number of published books that defines a writer or is it the degree and/or diploma earned that makes a writer? A writer is not a protected title at least not here in Norway; therefore, it seems to me that anyone can call themselves a writer. Right?

This question has lately aroused my curiosity! I haven’t published anything rather than the writings on this blog. Does that make me a writer? I have a big passion for writing, and I enjoy it. Does that also make me a writer?

WriterWith a quick Google search, I find myself on to Wikipedia’s definition of the word ‘writer’, which describes a writer as someone who uses words (in any type of form) to communicate ideas. The dictionary explains ‘writer’ as someone who has written or writes in a particular way.

To my understanding, the amount of published work does not define a writer. However, can anyone call himself or herself a writer just by holding a pen and a piece of paper? If writing is just a hobby, do you still call yourself a writer?

In my opinion, YES. A writer writes. Period! For me, it’s just like a musician who sings and/or plays an instrument with a passion for music but hasn’t released an album or held any concert. There are writers who write with no intentions to publish any of their work. I don’t think that makes them any less of a writer. Writing is an art form, where a writer uses words to create and share ideas. I call myself a writer depending on what mood I’m in and of course the work I’ve created.

Nevertheless, what are the requirements for calling oneself a writer? I could be wrong, so I ask because I’m curious; what’s the norm? In your opinion, what makes a writer?

Please, go ahead – enlighten me!

4 thoughts on “What makes a writer?

  1. mollyb111 says:

    You are a WRITER! Blogger and so much more. I struggled with the “author” word since I’ve written, not books since they haven’t been published yet, so they are manuscripts – ugh and lol. So I’m an aspiring author and an inspirational writer. Love your writing! Write on!


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