Evolving and Learning

Last week was a good and productive week. Looking back on this month, I can honestly say that March has overall been good to me.

This month, I’ve learned and discovered more of the possibilities life can bring and create. In addition, I now understand more of the idea that I create my own reality. I’ve recognized that I’m in control and that my life is mine to live. And that putting myself first and doing more of what gives me enjoyment automatically illuminates the desire to give more. We can only give what we have!

Unbroken 2014

Quote from the movie ‘Unbroken’ (2014)                ~ Picture by Amina Berg ~

I’ve fallen several times but managed to find the strength and courage to get back up again. I’ve shed tears but wiped them off and kept on going with hopefulness. I’ve felt discouraged but through the power of not giving up I’ve expanded further more in my time of despair.

Day by day, brick by brick – I’m evolving towards the true success of life; happiness, gratitude, passion, purpose. And with great gratitude, patience, perseverance and time I’m learning how to insert more meaning, happiness and purpose in my life.

I still don’t know where it all will lead me but I choose to focus on the present and have confident that things will fall into place as time goes by.

Finally yet importantly, I’ve been inspired by life, those around me and by you! To show my gratitude I would like to say, as it’s said in Norwegian; Tusen takk (‘Thank you’ or directly translated: ‘thousand thanks’).

Thank you for your support, for sharing
and inspiring me on my journey.

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