Trusting my ability to make smart choices

I’m finding it difficult making smart choices at this point of my life (taking the first step), and trying to live life the way my heart desire. I’ve discovered that the reason is doubtful thoughts I carry around with me – especially doubts on my ability to make smart choices. I keep questioning and rationalizing every choice, and struggling to break the cycle of negative thoughts and feelings.

Is what I want the right choice for me, and how do I know it is?

Well, I keep finding myself circling back to particular desires. My inner voice won’t let me betray myself…again. It won’t let me settle down for something less when my body and soul is yearning for something more. That’s how I know I’m not making a smart choice.

But how can I trust myself more in the process of making (smart) choices?

Nowadays, I start trusting myself by loving myself. I give myself the permission to put me first – that’s mandatory. And I practice self-awareness. My advice: know and feel what you want!

I’ve found that in order to trust myself and relieve myself from doubts I need to acknowledge previous choices for what they were – previous choices. If they were poor choices, I use them as great teachings and learn from them.

I’ve started making small choices in my everyday life – practice makes perfect. Trusting my instincts and the fact that I am capable, and that noone else knows me better than I do.

When it comes to big and important decision I try to avoid making rational choices because eventually it leads to making choices based on my mindset already established with beliefs, assumptions, fear and so on. “Listen to your heart.”

I’m open for change no matter how scary it all feels at times. In addition, I attempt to step out of my comfort zone and explore my options even more.

“Life is like solving a jigsaw puzzle, piece by piece – living life day by day.”

At the end of the day I remind myself that, what we have for sure is right now so why waste too much time and energy dwelling on something for the future. Because in the end, the mystery will unfold itself. Right? However, just like any mystery it’s so damn hard not knowing what will happen next.

Tell me, how do you make smart choices in your life?

3 thoughts on “Trusting my ability to make smart choices

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    I am not even sure if I make smart choices… so that’s a difficult question to answer. I try to see to the furthest end in a chain of decisions and outcomes and then make the decision right now to not end up in a certain situation. Sometimes, the answers are not easy to come by and the decisions are difficult, but that’s when having the support of trustworthy friends comes in. I enjoyed reading your reflection. Thank you. SB


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