English – My Thinking Language

I’m not sure if this is even a topic to write about but I will mention it anyway.
After rediscovering my passion for writing, I’ve shared with friends about me writing for the purpose of that writing is something I completely enjoy doing and would like to pursue.

Most of my friends (if not all) assume that I write in Norwegian, and are surprise when I share the fact that I write in English. I don’t blame them, since I don’t speak English in my everyday life.

I speak four languages. My native language is French, and I use it to communicate with my mother in my everyday life (or at times mix it up with Somali). Norwegian is the main language I speak to communicate with others around me in Norway. Additionally, since I’m married to a Norwegian, is the main language in our household.

I have no issues with the Norwegian language, is just that English is the language that feels natural to me. After living in England from the age of three to eight, English was the first language I was introduce to other than my native language. Therefore, I consider English to be my second language. As human beings, we use different languages in different contexts. For that reason, it’s not uncommon that bilingual children masters certain situations better in one language than another.

I’m fluent English but while I’m well aware that I have flaws and more to learn about the English language is still the language I connect with. I don’t interact on a daily basis with English speaking people, so I maintain the language by reading English literatures and being entertained by English speaking music, movies, television etc.

The English language is the language I identify myself with, hence my choice to write in English. It’s also the language I think with and when it comes to writing, it feels more natural to do so in English. Especially writing about themes and subjects close to heart. Because writing evokes emotions that needs to come clear in my writing, and the English language does that for me. It makes it easier for me to share and express what lies in my heart, thoughts and mind.

It took some time deciding which language I would write in but in the end, I chose the language that would easily express my messages in my writings instead of the language that my heart and mind doesn’t resonate with. In addition, English is considered being a worldwide language – and in order to connect with the big world (outside of Norway) is important to communicate in a common language that most people speak and understand.

4 thoughts on “English – My Thinking Language

  1. iggy23 says:

    Wow your English is really good for a non-first language! You could really pass off as a native English speaker! For me, English and Chinese are my main languages but my Chinese has deteriorated ever since I graduated from school and I can pretty much only speak it now (as opposed to speaking and writing before). I tried to pick up a Japanese crash course and I’ve somewhat managed to learn how to survive as a tourist there but nothing more than that. I’ve always admired people like you who can use multiple languages fluently and I think it’s really rare to see someone having the ability to speak four languages 🙂


    • Amina Berg says:

      Thank you! I appreciate the visit and the comment. I’ve always been proud of my knowledge when it comes to languages. That was something unique about me growing up in Norway. So I’ve tried so hard over the years to maintain that knowledge, especially French and English.

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  2. Maria says:

    Wow I can relate to what you are saying here:) English became my thinking language ever since I came to Norway. All though I’ve never lived in an English speaking country or household, growing up I was always surrounded by english speaking family friends… And the fact that english the first language I learned to write made it easier for me to have it as my thinking language… I discovered that when I came to Norway… As for my native language, it shifts from somali to amharic depending my mood and which side of my family I’m speaking with 🙂 I am very grateful now for being a multicultural TCK 😉

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