Cleaning Up The Mess

And I mean that in a literal sense. Yesterday I cleaned out physical space in my surroundings. I felt it relieved me of stress and emotionally gave me a sense of calm.   In addition, I made space in my everyday life to attract more of what I want.

It’s funny how cleaning up mess can give a person a bit more clarity and more space to expand. Yesterday, I somehow managed to be a superwoman. I still don’t even know where she came from, but there she was…cleaning up the mess. Afterwards it felt like I had cleaned up the mess that was blocked in my subconscious, and got rid of the clutters from my space.

However, I don’t base my contentment on the fact that the mess in my home got cleaned up. I base it on the fact that I cleaned it up. I also find contentment in the fact that I put my mind to something and fulfilled that commitment. Furthermore, that I found the strength and took action.

I don’t mind our home being a sensible mess at times. I don’t attend on winning any award for best cleaned house…ever. I’m just content with the idea that everything around the house is “good enough”. I think most parents (especially mothers) should also feel content, and relax with the knowledge that it’s all good enough – and that we are good enough. I choose to use my energy, time and resources on other things than maintaining a spotless house. However, my hat goes off to all super-mums out there!

Anyway, my point is that our external environment can affect our mood and at times our state of mind. I’m not always aware of it but yesterday my subconscious needed a tidy surrounding. I guess, sometimes it helps cleaning up the external chaos to obtain a peace of mind. I sorted out the mess and made room for new and important things. You can’t receive peace if there’s chaos around you.

“The mind adapts to its surroundings.
If you surround yourself with chaos,
your mind adapts to the chaos,
if you surround yourself with peace,
the mind is at peace.”

– Amina Berg

Tell me, are you at peace? Furthermore, what gives you peace in your everyday life?

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Up The Mess

  1. Brandy says:

    I can definitely feel my stress level rise when my home or work space gets cluttered. After I force myself to complete the task of organizing everything and actually cleaning the floor and surfaces that contained the clutter, I feel a lot more relaxed. And not just in that moment, but overall. I love that quote you included.

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