Creating Personal Space and Time

A friend shared her thoughts on the importance of personal space and time, which resonated with me. I’ve always had interests for many things but I would never make time for them. After becoming a mother and a wife I thought in my delusional beliefs that having personal space and time for myself meant I was being selfish or distant from the important people in life.

My husband obviously understood the value of personal space and time, and he would occasionally flee the scene(s) to his bubble. I have to admit that at times I would be resentful for his desire to escape and reload. Mainly because I had completely given myself to the tasks of our everyday life (including my job) that I would feel left out.

This friend pointed out a very important lesson deserving a prior attention in our rushed and stressful life. Where we are juggling a number of objects, responsibilities and tasks, and seem to wish that the days lasted more than 24 hours. My friend reminded me that in order to make it through these stressful times, it is essential to do the things that gives me energy – not drain me. In addition, give myself the opportunity to escape and reload from time to time. Because if I’m happy, then everyone around me is happy. Besides, seeing the world around me with a positive view is not so challenging with a positive and happy mind.

When I say personal space, I’m not necessarily just talking about the physical space that gets violated from time to time in public places. Nevertheless, the personal space in the sense of space that awards with joy, meaning, happiness, passion and so on. A space that fills the spirit cup rather than drains from it. Some meditate, do yoga, work out sessions, read or write in their space and time.

I’ve had personal space but I would not necessarily make time to be in that space.
No matter how much I love my family and love spending time with them, I appreciate the time I now make for myself to creating my personal space and expanding from it. A space where I can completely relax, reload and connect to my inner voice. A place where I have my thoughts and mind all to myself. I enjoy reading and writing. Therefore, my personal space and time consist of either reading or writing. I appreciate a good book – a book that captivates (at times inspire) and lets me escape to another world. Writing gives me the satisfaction of putting my thoughts on paper, and creating something. I consider myself a thinker, and those thoughts and ideas need to come out in order to make room for more. Writing to me is sharing – with either others or myself.

So after being reminded that is good (and OK) to have a personal space, I make the time to be in the place of contentment, connection and in spirit. It’s like regrouping!

Tell me about your personal space and time; what do you do to escape, relax and reload?

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