The Power of a Good Book

IMG_20150221_003244A person can read several books but reading the right one can utterly awake you to self-awareness, and possibly change your way of thinking.

In the mist of confusion and insecurity, I just did not know what I desired and wanted for myself. However, in my time of finding the meaning of it all, a friend recommended the famous book The Alchemist by author Paulo Coelho (Alkymisten in Norwegian). I was finally awake after years of walking through life with no sense of awareness, purpose or even gratitude.

The book inspired me to think about my life and reminded me that we are all on a journey of discovering our true self. The book also made me realize that we are all destined for greatness in our own way, and that if we just believe and take the first step anything is possible.

“When a person really desires something,
all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream”
– Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Dreaming as a child is easy. Because as a child we believe, anything is possible. However, as we grow up we are bombarded with assumptions and beliefs of what is right and wrong – disconnecting our true self with society’s preconceive ideas. When I was younger, I had always been aware of what I wanted out of life. I had dreams and goals to reach.

As I got older, I chose a safer path (but yet satisfying) – education, marriage and children (not in that particular order). Everything shifted. I let families, friends, my education, work and the world around define me and how my life should be. Unfortunately, in the end, it all led to me losing sense of who I was as a person and how I wanted my life to be.

I am true believer in that everything happens for a reason; there is a reason behind every action and reaction. Our worst enemy is the ego within, and if we feed it the feeling of failure and lost is inevitable.

I have learned that awareness is the first step. I chose to let go of fear and focus on what was positive in my life. I still feel fear but I choose not to let it define me nor hold me back in this unlimited universe. I remind myself that the future holds what I truly and deeply want it to hold. We are all destined for greatness if we just believe in our own abilities and strength as human beings.

“We are all capable of achieving great things if we just believe”
– Amina Berg

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